All the informations about actuality of the enterprise..

Streaming servers and final playout

Since beginning of 2018 FmodouX has built a new streming servers network and a final playout. It's now possible to do tele-realisation and go through this servers network to inject your signals in the playout. Add incrustation or infographics with experience of multicasting to few broadcasters will nesure you a great quality production.   FmodouX also has several mobile platforms ...

New premises !

Between december 2017 and february 2018 FmodouX has change premises and took the opportunity to change all the Technical side ! All the LAN network has been build on optical fiber yet ! Everything is done so by the end of April everything will be functionnal again 100%   Last address is now obsolete, thanks for taking note of it for your next visits.

New LAN network

Beginning of 2018 FmodouX has entierly rebuilt his network. Now everything is in optical fiber. By the way, a optical fiber internet connection has been installed and a strong WLAN network. So it's at the speed of light that FmodouX began its year 2018 and many novelties will arrive in the next weeks! More informations on demand and possibility of demonstration if interested.  

Visual Studio 2017 !

This tuesday 7th of march, Microsoft has released his new version of Visual Studio 2017.   A lot of innovations as well as optimizations are there !   Also introduces the 7th version of the C # language in this new version of VS.   Concerning all current .NET projects will be migrated to VS 2017 for all customers in the upcoming updates of their programs. For new p...

Bluetooth 5 !

From the beginning of 2017, FmodouX will launch into the new Bluetooth 5 technology! New version of the famous Bluetooth wireless transmission standard.   With 4x more transmission distance and 2x more bandwidth, this new era of Bluetooth promises great things!   Several projects are already waiting for this new technology and everything will be implemented as quickly as poss...

Programmation .NET update

By end 2015 FmodouX annonced le lancement de développements avec la puissante plateforme .NET de Microsoft. The first projects have already been delivered and many new projects will be launched on this platform.   In the future, projects will be launched on the cloud part of .NET, ie Microsoft Azure.   With the arrival of Visual Studio 2017 soon, a whole assortment of new ...


Growing demand, FmodouX launches streaming / overlays.   From cameras capture (IP/hdmi/SDI)  or final video program, adding graphic overlays, and streaming to the main broadcasters on the market.   All via LAN / WLAN or even 4G !   All-in-one solutions with or without staff are available.   More to come soon...

Lenovo partnership renew for 2016 !

Very satisfacted and proud to offer the professional version of Lenovo, FmodouX will renew his classic partnership with Lenovo adding more motivation to serve and satisfact you as much as possible !     Many offers and deals will be proposed to you through social networks during all the summer ! Stay tuned !