FmodouX, Frédéric MODOUX  is an individual reason company based in Rossens in the state  of Fribourg, Switzerland. It is registered in the Fribourg trade office and the swiss VAT.


Its aim is to design a range of IT solutions, technology, hardware, software and multimedia, customized to meet the stringent demands of its customers.


A balance between the three main points that a problem has a solution called   1.Budget   2. Needs   and   3. Performance .. By joining these 3 points with balance and professionalism, my clients are never disappointed.


Passing from providing a single component or an existing branded computer or custom designed to a multi-station infrastructure, a complex network linked by copper wires, fiber optics, wireless bridges or even VPN … all hosted by custom developed applications to customer needs.


For more details, I’ll let you refer to my flyer.

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